Even after all these advancements in e-commerce and online shopping space some issues continue to impede the overall experience. Since the touch factor is missing in online shopping, a very pertinent issue is misinterpretation of products by consumers broad range of reviews. To address this we found an effective yet concise way of reviewing products.

My role

To combat this I simplified the review format by condensing it to 3 basic questions which are answers by clicking either thumbs up or thumbs down.

Another key feature of this website is its navigation. The loading page teaches a first time user on how the webpage functions right from selecting product category, chasing desired products, reviews and checkout.


Selling quirky products online is very different from selling conventional products that make up the bulk of the online marketplace. Unconventional products require explanation to sell the usability of the product. Therefore defining and understanding the right user persona is critical.
After conducting user surveys I shortlisted these key characteristics of the target audience
- Appreciate creativity
- Avid art collector
- World Traveler
- Pay attention to detail


Competitive analysis plays an integral role while narrowing down key features which will determine the success of the website.

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Customized wall clocks, funky magazine racks, foldable wine racks, most of the products on this website have an inherently fun vibe to it. I wanted to retain that vibe with the use of an electric colour. I selected a simple typeface since I wanted to use this san serif font in a bigger size to differentiate different product categories. Instead of using generic tabs for features I created rectangular shaped bars with a pop up option.

As for the logo I have used the numeric value and helvetica font weight to depict its value.


Rounds of user testing helped in getting the navigation flow in order. Add on features like concise reviews options and horizontal navigation lead to a better viewing experience. 

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