The target user would use this app generally during meal-times. Since meal times are usually fixed it is necessary to design the app in such a way that it economises the users time by allowing them to order their meal quickly. Locating food trucks in the vicinity, ability to view and place order online, option to pay and maintain a record of previous transactions for easy reference are necessary features for the success of this app

My role

To be a one-stop solution for food truck aficionados
- locate food trucks in the defined vicinity
- view menu and order online
- option to make payment via app


To understand the market better, I created a user survey to learn about the pain points associated with ordering from food trucks and how the process could be bettered by way of an app.

I monitored the survey to understand what motivates the target audience to use food trucks, what are their expectations from buying their meals at a food truck and what inconveniences they face whilst doing the same.

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Competitive analysis plays an integral role while narrowing down key features which will determine the success of the app.

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The branding for a food truck app has to have a warm and friendly appeal to it, to encourage maximum users to sign up. I picked warm colors, sans serif fonts to highlight this emotion. Since it would have a lot of information it was necessary to have simplistic graphic elements to balance the page chaos. 


User flows help fix glitches in the navigation process, I did a preference test on to check which user flow charts were easier to maneuver. Based on the preference test results, I created a prototype for user testing. Most of the users were tech savvy and found the onboarding, landing and search pages easy to use. However I noticed there was minimal interaction with the dietary filter options. Based on this observation I made this feature more visible for greater user experience.

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I prefer to sketch wireframes. Sorry for the blurry lines, I hope the prototype explains the layout better.