JF Digital



JF digital is a job matching app that connects candidtaes directly to hiring managers. Candidates can upload their resumes and connect their social and professional media profiles, but have the option to remain anonymous while searching. Users would receive a daily set of job reccommendations that fit their backgrounds and salary criteria and swipe right to apply. Employers can directly post jobs on JF Digital, eliminating the need for third-party job boards and recruiters and connect directly to job seekers. Identity of the candidate is revealed only after a potential match. 


My role

- To facilitate easy profile creation from social media and in-app profile editing

- Swipe is a major aspect of the JF Digital user experience. Job seekers swipe to apply for jobs or left to pass on positions. Whereas employers respond and swipe right to reciprocate interest or left to eliminate the candidate

- To provide direct communication between job seekers and employers thus allowing immediate conversation within the app


There would be two types of users for this app 

Job seekers who would want to load their profile manually or pull in professional credentials from social media. JF Digital's algorithm analyses the job seekers's location, experience and skills and brings them jobs they may be interested in. Job seekers swipe to apply and if employer shows interest too, only then does the app reveal the job seeker's identity to the corporate recruiter or hiring manager. Once the identity is revealed they can directly chat in the app.

Employers behave similarly to job seekers. Hiring managers or recruiters can sign up online and open positions, then view the app's reccommended candidates or wait for job seekers to swipe right. Employers can select relevant job seekers by swiping right on their profiles, then chat directly in the app.

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Competitive analysis plays an integral role while narrowing down key features which will determine the success of the app. There were many competitiors who were already exploring this idea with multiple features, the challenge is choosing the right features which would assist in easy job matching and still provide a niche in this exhausted market. 

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The use of the blues creates a professional feel while the yellow adds a tinge of friendliness and warmth to this palette. This combination of colors will compliment the philosophy of JF Digital ; professional and approachable. I wanted a san serif typeface with multiple weights, the app had a lot of information and the usage of different weights would help in creating heirarchy of information.



User flow help fix glitches in the navigation process, I did a preference test on www.usertesting.com to check which user flow charts were easier to maneuver. Based on the preference test results, I created a prototype for user testing. Most of the users were tech savvy and found the onboarding process a bit lengthy because of the amount of information needed to make the profile. Reworked with the developers team and made sure there is a easier way to link their professional credentials via social links to save time.

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The first version of the wireframes, starting with the onboarding process, along creating a user profile and finally the swipe option screens.