There are plenty of crowd sourced fund raising websites that exist today. Dena was created to provide a platform for affording education to those who sought it by allowing them to raise funds for their endeavours. To make Dena the go-to platform for ‘seekers’ and ‘donors’ I would need to have

- multiple payment options
- tax saving guidance and related documentation
- quick access to all social platforms for easy sharing

My role

In crowdfunding websites information trump visuals. Keeping this in perspective, I had to create a happy space with sufficient text content. Another key feature was to make it easy and quick to create, edit and share a cause.


To better understand the target user I shortlisted the user personas to have these basic qualities:
- Tech savvy
- Active on social media
- Having disposable income

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Competitive analysis plays an integral role while narrowing down key features which will determine the success of the website.

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The term ‘Dena’ is derived from the Hindi Language which means to give. The logo symbol uses a hollow alphabet ‘D’ to showcase the idea of filling up as funds are raised towards the specific cause.

Since there is substantial amount of content on each page I wanted the color palette to be engaging and friendly but at the same time be able to merge with the layout. To achieve this objective I maintained a good percentage of negative space.

Also I wanted a typeface which did not grab too much attention on itself but was also legible in different sizes. So I used Berthold Akzidenz Grotesk in various weights to denote hierarchy of information.


User flows help fix glitches in the navigation process, I did a preference test on usertesting to check which user flow charts were easier to maneuver.

On shortlisting the user flow I created a prototype to check users first interaction with the app. Most of the users were tech savvy and found the onboarding, landing, search pages easy to use. However they didn’t seem to use the dietary filter options, which maybe needed better placement.

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I prefer to sketch wireframes. Sorry for the blurry lines, I hope the prototype explains the layout better.